5 terrible truths about SUGAR

Everyone knows sugar is bad. Not many know how bad it is and that it is almost poison! The video (link below) talks in detail but if you don’t have time to see it (it’s one-hour twenty-nine minutes long) here are 5 key points gleaned out!

While everyone connects sugar with Diabetes, not many know its terrible truths!

  1. The alarming rise of obesity, diabetes and a host of other diseases is due to SUGAR or FRUCTOSE. Not FAT or GLUCOSE!
  2. 1 Calorie In does NOT EQUAL 1 Calorie Out (burnt with energy expenditure) eg. Exercise
  3. Almost all processed foods and aerated drinks (soft drinks) contain Highly Concentrated Fructose Syrup, which is a poison, but a slow poison, unlike tobacco and alcohol; but a poison, nonetheless, affecting all organs in the body.
  4. The global food manufacturing industry pumps in a large amount of money every year to sponsor ‘research’ which will show otherwise.
  5. The growing menace of Childhood Obesity, being fought from Japan to the US, can be attributed to a great extent from the consumption of sports drinks, fruit juices and aerated drinks containing fructose sweeteners (Corn Syrup)

This is but the tip of the ice-berg… do watch the video for more revelations.

Now, let’s start the dialogue on sugar. Any comments?

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