No Magic Cure

When it comes to weight loss there is no magic cure. Your best way out is to take your doctor’s advice and not fall prey to fraudsters and scams.

No magic cure!

Today I want to highlight how Big Pharma companies and famous Babas post grossly misleading ads to lure the gullible.

Because we don’t read the ad completely and jump to a conclusion of “I want this magic cure”.

Misleading Ads

A recent ad in a well-known daily clearly states in the very first line that this capsule (balloon) gives a 10-15% weight loss, but the pictures show almost or over 40% weight loss!! Just because a 10% loss won’t be appreciable in pictures.

The capsule dissolves in the stomach after 16 weeks, after which you need to have adjusted to eating less and follow lifestyle changes or the weight will surely come back.

The testimonials also don’t mention in how much time the patients shown lost all that weight. We have to understand that the capsule only begins to decrease your appetite and so you eat less, after which you have to follow a diet and exercise regimen or you’ll regain the weight lost, and usually more!

There is also no disclaimer mentioning the time-frame during which the patients shown, lost so much weight. Obviously, they didn’t lose only due to the ‘Pill’, since it’s clearly stated in the very first line that you can expect to lose only 10%-15%. Often even less.


Pic of two capsules

Awareness regarding the ‘magic cure’

I am only trying to create awareness with the public to not follow such misleading ads with blind faith. Or at the very least, consult your trusted doctor before you do.

I am deliberately not talking about the cost of this treatment as it is beyond the purpose of this piece, posted only for the sake of awareness. Beware of fraudsters and scams. There really IS no magic cure 

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